Unable to mount location Failed to retrieve share list from server

I just installed system-config-samba and add my Ubuntu 12.04 to windows workgroup,but I got error “Unable to mount location¬† Failed to retrieve share list from server” when I try to browse workgroup from Ubuntu.

There is only 2 computers in my workgroup ,another is a Windows 7 computer,and I ever can connected to Windows’s shares with IP address.

So I run below command in a terminal to add the windows’s computer name and IP address to /etc/hosts

sudo gedit /etc/hosts

Then I can browse my workgroup from Nautilus now,hope this can help you.



6 thoughts on “Unable to mount location Failed to retrieve share list from server

  1. Red Barta

    Your solution works. I can now connect to the three other Windows computers in my WORKGROUP.
    Two with XP and one with Vista


  2. Riceburner

    This works with one proviso. You have to make sure that the computers you want to access in your network have a consistent IP address each time they start.
    2 ways to do this.
    1. Set each one with a static IP. This is easier but you run the risk of IP conflicts (2 machines with the same IP) if you have other devices logging on and off the network.
    2. Have your router set the IP for each computer. Each router is different but what I had to do with mine (Billion BiPAC 7800N) was get each computer’s MAC address (looked up the DHCP Table in the Status section).
    Then, in Configuration > Lan > DHCP Server, you can set up a “Fixed Hosts Table” with the list of computers you wish to access. You can then set up your ‘hosts’ file accordingly.

  3. Seerak

    Does not work. Tried this, in all of four possible combinations with the “name order resolve” idea seen elsewhere. No dice.

    What’s worse is that I have two Ubuntu 12.04 machines next to each other, identical configs. One works, the other doesn’t. The one that works has neither of these two “solutions” applied.

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  5. tom

    I had this problem and solved it by installing package gvfs-bin. Except for gvfs-bin, most of the gvfs packages were already installed: gvfs, -common, -libs, -daemons, and -backends.


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