How to Share a folder in Ubuntu 12.04

This simple and brief tutorial will show you how to share a folder in Ubuntu 12.04 precise with samba service.


Share a folder in Ubuntu 12.04

1.Open your file browser ,it’s nautilus by default

2.Right click the folder you want to share ,then click Sharing Options

3.Check the check box  Share this folder ,a window will be popped up , just click Install service to install required service

4.Click Install to install package samba in your Ubuntu.(Enter your password if prompted)

Then click Install another time to install libpam-smbpass ,click Restart session after the installation

5.Now you can click Create Share to share this folder.You can choose to check related box to allow remote computer access this folder with write permission or without a user account in your Ubuntu.

6.(Optional)If you want remote computer provide  username/password before access your share folder,please open a terminal by pressing Ctl+Alt+t ,then run below command to generate a samba account

sudo smbpasswd -a username

Note:The “username” must already exists in your Ubuntu system

7.Find your ip address use command ifconfig if your ubuntu and the remote computer do not join a workgroup


Note:If you are using wireless ,the interface name may be wlan0


Access the Share folder from remote computer

Below example shows you to access the share folder created by above steps from Windows 7

1.Press  Orb + r or  click Start then search “run” in search box to open Run window

2.Type in below path then press Enter or click OK

3.Enter the username and password (for guest account ,leave the password field empty)

4.You are done,enjoy



9 thoughts on “How to Share a folder in Ubuntu 12.04

  1. Dustin Silva

    Thanks for this — I kept trying to access my ubuntu machine by the computers name, and while it would prompt me for credentials, it wouldn’t ever accept them.. as soon as I tried it with the IP address, bam, I was in.

  2. Jonnie

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