Send Email from Command Line in Ubuntu

Sometimes we need to send email from command line in Ubuntu for administrative tasks.Below steps will show you how to do this which just tested in Ubuntu 12.04

1.Open a terminal by pressing CTL+ALT+t and Install mailutils use below command

sudo apt-get install mailutils

Just follow the instructions and use the default settings during installation.

2.Use below command to send a test email from command line.

echo "This is Content" | sudo mail -s "This is subject"   mailaddress

3.Read content from text file as mail content

sudo mail -s "Subject"  mailaddress <  mail.content

4.You can check log files /var/log/mail.log and /var/log/mail.err if necessary .


1.You can use below command to give a normal user the mail permission(without sudo)

sudo adduser username mail

2.You can use other email applications such as sendmail postfix exim4 to replace mailutils if you prefer


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