Remote desktop to Ubuntu 12.04 from Windows 7

Desktop Sharing in Ubuntu 12.04 does not support RDP (remote desktop protocol ),so we need to install xrdp to allow connection from Windows 7 Remote Desktop.


  • xrdp install on Ubuntu 12.04
  • Windows 7 professional or higher

1.Install xrdp in ubuntu 12.04.Open a terminal by pressing CTL+ALT+t ,then run below command

sudo apt-get install xrdp

2.Open Remote Desktop Connection in Windows 7.(click Start button,then search “remote” in search box)

2.Input the host name or IP address of your Ubuntu machine ,then click Connect

3.Input your username and password of Ubuntu ,then click Ok to connect

4.You are done,enjoy

Note:you can run below command to disable this service in Ubuntu 12.04

sudo service xrdp stop

58 thoughts on “Remote desktop to Ubuntu 12.04 from Windows 7

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  2. Jim Menth

    I can access my Ubuntu system fine with RDP but whenever I try to do an administrative function, such as add a user, the unlock button does not prompt for the admin password, it just displays: System Policy Prevents Change. Contact your system administrator. This feature works fine from the same login account when using the console.

  3. DeeJ

    I did the same, i think i connected successfully. but i see only ubuntu desktop wallpaper on windows, no screens and i was not able to control ubuntu. I did not see any notification in ubuntu about the connection.

      1. Josh

        This video explaining how to create an .xsession file is not necessary. I was having the same problem, only the desktop wallpaper was displaying and nothing else. It had to do with the display dimensions I had set in Windows RDP. Just lower them and try to reconnect. It worked straight away for me when I changed the resolution down to 1024×768

  4. REWard

    Go to this website:
    And download & run the X11RDP-o-Matic.

    This makes the initial setup so easy!

    I am still working on the fine tuning, but this got me started. Now if I can just figure out if there is a “Console” mode, instead of a new session!!!

    Please, if you find this works out for you, think about a donation to this guy! With more people like him writing easier installers, they could make Linux a viable alternative as a desktop replacement across the board!

  5. REWard

    Go to this website:
    And download & run the X11RDP-o-Matic.

    This makes the initial setup so easy!

    I am still working on the fine tuning, but this got me started. Now if I can just figure out if there is a “Console” mode, instead of a new session!!!

    Please, if you find this works out for you, think about a donation to this guy! With more people like him writing easier installers, they could make Linux a viable alternative as a desktop replacement across the board!

  6. listas vip sotavento

    You actually make it appear so easy along with your presentation however I in finding this topic to be really one thing that I feel I would by no means understand. It sort of feels too complicated and very extensive for me. I am having a look ahead to your next submit, I will try to get the hold of it!

  7. Frank Zlot

    I have the same issues as the person above who stated that they just got the desktop wallpaper with no control over Ubuntu. I’m a bit better off as I have a link to my homepage, so that comes up and I’m at least online. I also have a script for a root terminal. If I really knew what I was doing, I could probably do a lot with the terminal, but I am little more than a newbie, so I’ll try REWard’s suggestion. I wish the other guy came back with a results report….

  8. Frank Zlot

    Negative results with X11-RDP-O-matic!
    Now I have the condition described by DeeJ!!!
    I’ve regressed!
    Now I gotta figure out how to revert my Ubuntu to before I installed this…or just remove it…
    At least I’m getting more educated, but the only trouble is is that the learning’s proprietary!

  9. Frank Zlot

    I’m BAAA-ACK….
    Couldn’t unstall X11 completely or properly, so I reinstalled it…..correctly this time. I’ll tell ya what I did. Maybe you’re doing the same type of thing.
    I would run, which is actually a script file by dragging and dropping it into the terminal. this is all well and good, BUT THE TERMINAL MUST BE RUNNING OUT OF THE SCARYMATIC folder, where all the other files are located! When I reinstalled with the terminal running from the ScaryMatic folder, e.g.
    things worked MUCH better…almost properly.
    Then I did the same for the file
    It reinstalled, too, and I first tried the 2-D configuration.
    When I did that and connected, I was informed that the 2-D file was unavailable, or something to that effect. Xfce would attempt to connect and drop out.
    BUT the Gnome desktop seems to be juuuuust right. And that is what I’m on now with apparent full-functionality.
    OH! And BTW….the Ubuntu I am connected to is actually a VM running under a Windows 7 machine down the basement which I also remotely connect to, but not simultaneously, of course. So all is well when it’s all done right….

  10. jetridgeway

    I have the same problem as some other here – I can get the desktop background but no access to folders or programmes. I’m sure the answer will be simple! Any pointers much appreciated

  11. Eric W

    Thank for writing this up. I hadn’t tried an RDP version of remote desktop on linux. This seems to work better on my install of ubuntu 12.04 powered by an old geforce mx 440.

  12. Ash

    Thanks for the post !
    I’m able to connect from Win7 Remote-Desktop to Ubuntu xrdp, log, get a new session and work.
    Only problem is – Each and every time, after a few seconds the session freezes :-(
    I’ve googled this issue and saw I’m in a good comany… The only type of solution I found thus far that seems to have helped others was disabling all sorts of services / drivers on the Windows part (mainly the sound in Remote Desktop settings), but this has not worked for me. Does anyone have any idea ?


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    1. jfc1

      when doing this you have to actually type in the text at the command line not copy and paste it from this html as for some reason it puts quotes around the text in ~/.xsession if you cp & paste

      enter it by hand and restart ubuntu and it works fine…I can even run it “full screen” in xpsp3…mstsc

  13. Dave

    I’m going to try using RDP to login to Ubuntu 12.04 as soon as I upgrade to it (very soon I hope). My question though is how to access Ubuntu via the Interned since the Windows 7 machine is not on the LAN. I did some homework and believe I need to se up something like a dynamic DNS (, but that is all I know. Would appreciate any tips or ideas.


  14. Yep


    Yes you will need to setup some sort of dyndns, and you will also need to port forward the port (3389) in your router.

  15. Naveed

    I have installed Ubuntu 12.04 LTS and join domain successfully, i am able to remote Ubuntu from Microsoft windows using XRDP by using Ubuntu but when i try to remote Ubuntu using domain administrator blank screen appears, How to resolve this issue?

  16. Roman Ivanov

    Problem. after connection – empty screen, gnome-session variant also do not work, Any ideas ?

  17. jon

    I cant do that. when I do the first step it ask again to do this and I see an error. some files unable to fetch you want to try again. I say yes and bam I keep seekin “y”

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  18. hhh

    Hi Byrne.I have the latest version, that is 2.2b. I never had the prior ones installed. That is why I am stumped.

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  20. RMF

    I had the wallpaper problem as well – found instructions to install GDM and switch from LightDM and everythinng now works on xrdp. I can’t see any downside to this other than the remote session defaults to Unity interface (I prefer Gnome classic).

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    I just install ubuntu 13.04. i am able to get the interface but the only thing i can see is blank destop wallpaper

    1. Will

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  23. Rao usman

    can some one help mw i have a problem regarding loin when i put ip of my ubuntu system in Remote desktop of windows then i received the message about log in fail

    1. Jason

      Hi there, using your name here as an example if you named your computer “Rao@ubuntu” the @ubuntu will not be included, your computer username would be Rao and your password would obviously be your ubuntu system login password

  24. Ed B

    ” i am able to get the interface but the only thing i can see is blank destop wallpaper”

    me too ;-(

    i did the echo to .xsession
    after that i couldn’t even get the blank desktop wallpaper so i deleted it.
    i also installed the gnome-fallback.

  25. ellmoe2000

    For any body having problems only seeing the wallpaper after connecting remote desktop, watch this video. I had the same problem. It seems that Windows can’t see the 3d during the session. You will have to create a file in your home folder.

    Go to home
    click “view”
    scroll down and click “show hidden files”
    You will see .Xauthority
    right click on empty space
    click “create new document”
    click “empty document”
    name the new document .xsession
    open .xsession and add this command: gnome-session –session=ubuntu-2d

    That’s it and that should solve your problem.

    Here is the link to the video:

  26. Lars-Erik Olsson

    I created the .xsession file under home folder with:
    gnome-session –session=ubuntu-2d
    and after that it worked fine

  27. santhoshkumar

    Hi ,

    I have installed Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. And also installed xrdp in Ubuntu.
    Now I am connecting Ubuntu machine from my windows7 . After connecting it I am unable to see any desktops icons, applets and tabs.

    Please help me urgent.

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  29. renatoa

    I can’t even connect, I get “invalid connection file… specified”
    ubuntu server machine respond to ping, we are in the same network
    Client machine is XP, could be a reason ?
    Thank you for any suggestion.


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