convert pdf to eps in ubuntu

We can use command pdftops to convert pdf file to eps(Encapsulated PostScript) file.By default pdftops is used to convert converts Portable Document Format (PDF) files to PostScript so they can be printed.But we can use option -eps to convert pdf file to eps file.

pdftops -eps filename.pdf

Because an eps file only contains a single image,so If your pdf file has multiple pages , you need to use option -f and -l to specify which page to contert,eg,below command convert the 7th page to eps file

pdftops -f 7 -l 7 filename.pdf

Below content is from manpage of command pdftops

       -f number
              Specifies the first page to print.

       -l number
              Specifies the last page to print.
       -eps   Generate  an  Encapsulated  PostScript  (EPS) file.  An EPS file
              contains a single image, so if you use this option with a multi-
              page  PDF file, you must use -f and -l to specify a single page.
              No more than one of the mode options (-eps, -form) may be given.

For more information,please

man pdftops

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  2. Alex

    Thanks it makes my day !

    It offers me a very simple way to put a pdf as a background image of a libreoffice document (a form to fill).


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