How to Mount ISO file in Ubuntu

This simple and brief tutorial will show you how to mount ISO file in Ubuntu using command mount with or without root privilege.

Mount ISO with root in Command Line

1.Open a terminal by pressing Ctl+Alt+t

2.Mount the iso file to your /mnt directory with below command(Verify your /mnt is empty)

ls /mnt
sudo mount my.iso /mnt

3.To unmount the iso file

sudo umount /mnt


Mount ISO file without root (regular user)

1.Install fuseiso use below command in your terminal

sudo apt-get install fuseiso

2.Give normal user the read permission of /etc/fuse.conf ,or you can add the normal user who need mount iso file to group fuse

sudo chmod +r /etc/fuse.conf

3.Then a normal user can mount iso file without root privilege

mkdir test
fuseiso my.iso test

4.Use below command to unmount the iso file

fusermount -u test


Mount ISO file via GUI

You can install gisomount to your ubuntu then you can mount ISO file from GUI ,and access it use file browser such as Nautilus

1.Install gisomount use below command

sudo apt-get install gisomount

2.Launch gisomount from Dash

3.Then you can mount ISO file use gISOmount and access it via your file browser



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