install ubuntu step by step guide with screenshots

If you also want to install ubuntu yourself,hope this guide can help you.Below is a detail step by step guide show you how to install ubuntu using ubuntu installation CD with many screenshots



1.Insert your ubuntu installation cd to your cd/dvd drive then boot from this cd (You might need to setup your bios to boot your computer from CD)

2.Select your language then click Install Ubuntu

3.Click Continue.(You decide if check the 2 check-box to install these 3rd-party tools during install ubuntu)  “Something else” then click continue to create or resize partitions yourself

My advice is to create 3 partitions

  •         /               (10~40G depends your disk size)
  •        swap        (equals your memory size)
  •        /home       (The rest of your disk)

4.1.  Click the  free space ,then click Add the add swap partition.(My PC only has 1G memory,so I create a 1000M=1G swap partition)

     4.2.Repeat above step to create a   /  partition(),I assign 12G space to this partition

4.3.The same way,create /home partition with the rest of your disk space

5.Click Install Now to continue

6.Select your time zone

7.Choose your keyboard layout

8.Set computer name ,username/password ,and decide if log in automatically

9.No action needed in this step Restart Now to restart your computer(Don’t forget to eject your ubuntu installation cd from your cd/dvd drive)

That’s all,it’s very easy to install ubuntu,isn’t it.Any questions ,pls leave a comment,good luck!

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