Use Google Talk in Ubuntu 12.04

This tutorial will show you how to use Google Talk via Empathy or Pidgin in Ubuntu 12.04 Precise.We need not to install Google Talk since we can launch it from IM(Internet messenger).

Use Google talk via Empathy 

Empathy is the default IM app of Ubuntu 12.04,you can launch it from Dash directly.

Then you can click Edit-Accounts or press F4  to add your Google Talk account


Use Google Talk via Pidgin

Empathy does not support network proxy,so you can consider use Pidgin if you are behind a network proxy server.

You can install pidgin by running below command in your terminal

sudo apt-get install pidgin

then you can launch pidgin from Dash then add your Google talk account

  • Protocol: XMPP
  • Screen Name: your Google Talk username (without any @ symbol or domain).
  • Server: Enter a server value depending on your type of account:
    • Gmail users should enter
    • Google Mail users ( should enter
    • If you’re signing in with a Google Account that’s not linked to any Google email product, enter
    • Google Apps users, please visit the Apps Help Center for instructions
  • Password: we suggest leaving this field blank for increased security, but if you’d like to sign in automatically, enter your password
  • Local Alias: leave this field blank
  • Remember password: check the box if you’d like Pidgin to remember your password (you won’t be prompted to enter it each time you sign in, if you select this option)
  • New mail notifications: check the box if you’d like Pidgin to notify you of unread email in your inbox.

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    Thank you, this was so usefull but my Gtalk doesn’t wanna work. Having problems especially the proxy. it does not wanna connect. I guess the way i filled in the info. for the proxy is wrong. what should I do?

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