Fix Youtube Video Blue Tint in Ubuntu 12.04

Are you finding the solution to fix Youtube flash videos appear blue hint after upgraded to your Adobe flash player in Ubuntu 12.04.Actually there is a bug of Adobe ,and the issue only happened to Linux users who are using Nvidia graphic card.You can try to disable
flash player’s Hardware Acceleration to fix the Video blue tint issue although this may loose some performance.

1.Open any video from Youtube ,double click to switch it to FULL-SCREEN Mode

2.Right click the video and click Settings….  (You may need try several times to bring the settings window up)

3.In the Adobe Flash Player Settings window,disable Enable hardware acceleration

4.Restart your browser to verify if the issue been fixed

Note:If step 2 doesn’t work for you ,you may need to log out then log in use unity 2d to try again

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